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West german working line german shepherd breeders

west german working line german shepherd breeders Awesome nbsp Our German shepherd puppies are from champion german shpherd parents. Member of USA SV amp . Many breeders have attempted to combine the East and West or American shepherds to achieve a lower incidence of hip dysplasia and achieve a strong work instinct and more refined show lines it has however caused an inner conflict in the German Shepherd causing them to be more unstable than before. natural protector intelligent quality puppies health tested DM free breeder. At Givenhaus German Shepherds we selectively breed top German bloodlines to produce German Shepherd dogs that will be superior in Search and Rescue Police Schutzhund Agility Conformation Show ring and or loving family Protectors and Companionship. AKC inspected and approved facility. These dogs West Working Line German Shepherds East Working nbsp West German Shepherds are being bred for show purposes rather than for working functions. However you must understand that these are working line German Shepherds. Become the owner of a Black German Shepherd puppy. 39 My name is Barbie DiBernardo and I would like to tell you a little bit about our family our goals and our commitment to the German Shepherd Dog here at West Coast German Shepherds. I breed for health temperament and absolute balanced and clear headed working dogs. Our mission is to breed well balanced dogs in terms of temperament self confidence and high performance. The Dodo Recommended for you West German Lines were bred for two different purposes for a show West German Shepherd show lines and for working West German Shepherd working lines . With our selective breeding program we have puppies that can be suitable for Show Search amp Rescue Therapy Dogs International competition and most of all Loving Family Companion and Protection Dogs. All Black German Shepherd Puppies for Sale. Hurry and reserve your next best friend or partner. 00 each depending on the breeding and require a 500. We have a home on 3 fenced acres in Southern Wisconsin. Welcome Why Czech Slovak Lines and what do they bring to the German Shepherd dog Different from the West German or American show lines Czech and Slovak dogs have stronger temperament and enhanced bravery high drive solid nerves exceptional working ability an inborn ability to endure battlefield conditions and they love to work. German Shepherds in Iowa. German Shepherds in Iowa and German Shepherd Puppies for sale in Iowa Specializing in West German imported lines with the emphasis on quality beauty temperament and conformation. Our German Shepherd puppies for sale give you the best of both worlds from outstanding loyal family companion to the ultimate machine in Schutzhound high intelligence super easy to train strong drive to perform rock solid temperament confidence security and personal protection. They make wonderful family dogs and sport prospects. protection family personal companions and service dogs PTSD . We are a small German Shepherd kennel in the high Rocky Mountains of Colorado owned and managed by Linda and Les Smith. Q What separates Von der Haus Gill German Shepherds nbsp 23 Jan 2019 All of their dogs are GSD approved and range from 8 weeks old GSD puppies to young males and females. Site updated Sept 1 2020. Nov 11 2019 One of the most revered working lines of the breed is the West German Shepherd dog. We also have blends of Czech west and Belgium bloodlines that possess working drives and structure superior temperaments and health. The different types of German Shepherd Dog based on lines West German Show Line High Line GSD German Shepherd Dogs hailing from West German Show or High Lines are the most popular of prevailing GSD types and lines. All our German Shepherd German Shpherd Puppies are much loved family pets that work on our small farm of nbsp At Kappel German shepherd kennels in Texas we import German Shepherd Puppies directly from Germany. All Rights Reserved 801 473 3477. Welcome to Vom Hallynn Haus web site. A good majority or our breeding dogs are either directly imported from Slovakia and the Czech Republic or raised from our own breeding program. He came to show lines from working line dogs and set a goal to breed show lines nbsp We breed our dogs in accordance with the German SV norms these standards specify that long coat Long Coated German Shepherd Show lines and DDR Working lines. my first German shepherd who was a male show line Schutzhund titled IPO3 and I was so impressed with his beauty and his work ethic that I joined a nbsp 24 Mar 2020 We breed West German Show Line German Shepherd Dogs who come from top German bloodlines. We only breed the best Working line Pedigree German Shepherd. Zwinger Von Himmel German Shepherd pups and adults for sale. The temperament of the German Shepherd is a key to this dog breed 39 s versatility. We can ship our Working and Show Line German Shepherd puppies to almost any airport within the USA and Canada. 16 Jun 2020 We offer show and working dogs as well as family pets and service dogs Whether a family pet or top of the line German shepherd show dog nbsp These types of German Shepherds are the same breed we love and adore but Although West German working line German Shepherds have a strong drive nbsp We specializes in breeding the Working Lines German Shepherd Dog We offer german shepherd puppies for sale personal family protection dogs in West German and Czech Republic Working Line and Show Line German Shepherds. A random AKC or non papered American German Shepherd dog may run you 100 800. Our puppies are suited for SAR Cadaver HRD bomb drug detection personal property . The American Kennel Club changed the name of the breed to the Shepherd Dog and the German Shepherd Dog Club of America became the Shepherd Dog Club of America. Featuring DDR East German West German and Czech bloodlines. Our dogs are beautiful black and red West German show line German shepherds. Mittelwest is a German Shepherd breeder of pure bred German Shepherd puppies. H henburg thus literally translates to Hill top Castle Castlehill . If you 39 re considering a Vom Banach K9 a DDR Czech or West German working dog or any other working line breed we ask that you consider these questions nbsp 25 Mar 2020 German Frankfurt. We have been breeding German Shepherds since 2012. The West German lines from Germany are tested for years to insure they are qualified for breeding. Check it out West German Working Line SireTyson von der Schiffslache SchH 3 IP3 Puppies from our Breeding 39 s are priced from 1500. They all are trained to. East German DDR Czech and West German linage in Solid Black Black Sables and Red Sables. Berger Blanc Suisse White Swiss Shepherd White Shepherd Dog Oct 29 2018 We 39 re to help make your puppy experience comfortable. Sep 01 2020 Our breeding program is dedicated specifically to the German Shepherd and the preservation of the working Czech and DDR lines. We offer show and working dogs as well as family pets and service dogs from high quality German bloodlines. We are located in Halifax PA 17032 about 30 minutes north east of Harrisburg. quot Tags German Shepherd breeder German showline breeders German Shepherd breeders NC German Shepherd breeders SC German Shepherd breeders VA German Shepherd Virginia South Carolina Georgia Tennessee south east. We uphold only the highest standards in the health temperament and structure of our dogs as well as in their care placement and upbringing. THE ORIGINAL IMPORTER OF CZECH BORDER PATROL DOGS German Shepherd dogs from lines of z Pohranicni straze K9 s WE EXCLUSIVELY GUARANTEE ALL DOGS WE IMPORT AND RAISE IN THE USA CALL 602 332 4404 Many breeders have attempted to combine the East and West or American shepherds to achieve a lower incidence of hip dysplasia and achieve a strong work instinct and more refined show lines it has however caused an inner conflict in the German Shepherd causing them to be more unstable than before. Direct West German Working Lines From Fully Proven Schutzhund Titled Trained Sires and Dams and in Every Generation of the SV German Pink Paper Pedigree. High Quality West German Show Line Puppies We are a small breeder of West German Shepherds located in Central PA. located in ipswich massachusetts boston area new england . We breed for beautiful balanced sport and family dogs from solid European working lines. West Germany continued to breed the German shepherd but focused more on breeds apperance more than work ethic. Hayes Haus is a nationally recognized breeder of family first working line German Shepherd puppies. This GSD is primarily bred to be a working dog. backgrounds go all the way back to champion wins . A separate breed registry had to be instituted in the DDR and the SDG DDR German Shepherd Lines 5A This line descends from Alf v. My wife Dawn and I founded Vom Jagerhaus West German Shepherds to establish a breeding kennel that provides quality healthy well bred German Shepherd Dogs and puppies selected from both here in the U. Boeselager Kennels only has 1 2 litter 39 s a year. If you re considering a Vom Banach K9 a DDR Czech or West German working dog or any other working line breed we ask that you consider these Vom Bickaro West German Show Line German Shepherds. Jun 30 2020 The working line of the West German shepherd and the East German shepherd both exhibit strong prey retrieving and herding drives. Our clients are from all walks of life quality knowledgeable pet homes Police K9 working homes show homes family protection watchdogs executive level trained German Shepherds with master level training titles. Many of the East German dogs have been mixed into the West German Working lines as well but nevertheless this line or sub gene pool still exists and is very distinguishable in many cases and there are breeders who specifically focus on these lines exclusively. Selection and breeding of the finest quality German Shepherds that posses strong nerves hardness courage versatility clear head and environmental soundness to produce a line of German Shepherds specific to Kavallerie Shepherds in which are ready and willing to work for their handler extremely intelligent naturally protective environmentally sound with balanced drives capable West German Show Line. Black and Red German shepherds for sale at Vom Hundhaus German Shepherds in Tampa Bay Florida. They 39 re ideal if you 39 re planning to train a dog for search and rescue protection or guarding. We are breeders of high quality West german showline GERMAN SHEPHERDS. We are the premier select German Shepherd breeder in North America producing strong sound healthy German Shepherd Puppies for family show or companion dogs. Let 39 s start with how German Standards began The German shepherd breed was created in 1899 by Captain Max von Stephanitz in Germany. Our East German Shepherd Dogs and German Shepherd Puppies have clear mind thick bone broad head correct structure and over all wellness. Here at Grothaus we strive to breed and produce true working line German Shepherds with excellent health solid temperament strong nerves and balanced drives German Shepherds that WORK on the field on the street and in the home. Personal Protection Dogs. As a breeder of top German bloodlines we raise our puppies to be trusted and loyal family companions that embody the true ideal of the German Shepherd Dog. Our dogs are 100 pure German bloodlines and are AKC Registered. We have been raising Shepherds since 1997. April 1 2017 Welcome to RedRock K9 German Shepherds We are German Shepherd Breeders on a mission We breed top quality dogs through strict breeding standards. If you are looking for high quality German Shepherd Dogs GSD we provide some of the finest available. West German working line German Shepherds excel in many different sports working jobs in many different avenues such as police and military jobs and they also work well as service dogs. KIEFERNWALD GSD is a small selective German Shepherd dog breeder in Ontario Canada breeding only 100 West German show working lines clear of genetic defects. Together with my husband Kip and our son Alden we strive to provide the best quality German Shepherd Our focus in breeding is to the SV German standard. See full list on ottogsd. We are breeders of DDR or East German Shepherds. Our German Shepherds are health screened DNA tested OFA or FCI certified hips and elbows have strong bones big heads and rich colors. Barboursville Virginia. Black Sable Red amp Black GSD. Stephanitz is the person credited for developing the breed and the one who set the breed standard s guidelines. Our breeding stock is hand selected and tested for the highest standards of the breed. We are located in Crowley Texas where our GSD puppies for sale are born and raised with love. Visit the Puppy page for our working line puppies. Sep 11 2013 Today the German shepherd breed is used in variety of jobs protection detection herding search and rescue service dogs guide dogs and therapy dogs. As a Louisiana German Shepherd breeder of some of the best German bloodlines of VA and V rated dogs we strive to produce the very best quality West German Shepherd Showline puppies with a focus on temperament conformation and structural soundness. The East German line amp Czech line German Shepherd Dogs developed a little differently than German Shepherds from other locations. German Shepherd Puppies For Sale German Shepherd Puppy for sale German Kreative Kennels is a working line Professional German Shepherd breeder. Like every German Shepherd should they make wonderful active family pets. From intelligent loyal family guardians to Therapy dogs and top level competition working dogs Camelot German Shepherds offers the finest multi purpose German Shepherds and Shepinois in Southeast Tennessee we typically only breed 2 litters of the crosses shepinois per year. It is important to recognize that the working line and show line German Shepherds from West Germany are vastly different. We found that dog in the West German Show Lines. All our puppies come mostly from high quality working DDR east German working lines. Producing Conformation Dogs That Work. quot Please check out our upcoming litters page to reserve your future shepherd. I breed stock short and stock long coat shepherds and produce all levels of energy drives. The cheapest offer starts at 100. Regardless these two variations of a German shepherd is often compared to each other. We have over 30 years of experience in the proper breeding care and raising of German Shepherds. Majic Forest Shepherds is a Utah Idaho long coat German Shepherd breeder of high quality West German bloodlines. Our goal is to breed quality German Shepherds that will be easy to train calm and well mannered. Our dogs are bred for natural family protection health structure strong nerves clear in the head strong bone confidence intelligence capability and of course beauty. Our dogs are carefully selected for balanced drives and a stable temperament. They have heavier bone structure big block heads uniform shoulders and an even top line quot STRAIGHT BACKED quot like the original German Shepherd Dog was. We are experienced breeders of West German working line German Shepherds. We named our Working German Shepherd kennel Hohenburg after the site in Cambridge England the originally settlement north of the river Cam. Call Now 253 363 5023. Our dogs have proven to consistently pass these qualities along into their progeny. Drako is CGC Certified . And also show line German Shepherd puppies imported from West Germany. Apr 20 2020 German Shepherds are the watchdogs of all dog breeds. Call us today. All of our dogs are completely health tested before breeding they are examined for hips elbows DM and full correct dentition. All my dogs are out in public. I have mostly east DDR german lines some old west german working lines with a touch of czech import from time to time. and around the world focusing on the traits of the more European lines of German Shepherd Dogs primarily West German which have a softer red mahogany coat and are noted for their versatility as a good pet and companion dog as well as an amazing working dog used throughout the world. You can find a history of all German Shepherd bloodlines in our guide on East German Working Line German Shepherds. So If you share our passion and are looking for a German Shepherd breeder that specializes in providing the highest quality show dogs protection dogs working dogs or family companions your search just ended. Cook Farm Kennels is located in Brown Summit North Carolina. Jul 13 2020 The West German Shepherd is also known as Sieger or show line breeds. My name is Nash Rashid and welcome you to our website Nash Working German Shepherd Dogs. Focused exclusivley on producing black amp red West German type German Shepherd dogs. Contact Jacqueline Fabian Location Inner West NSW Phone 0418 773 We are a small Kennel that breed Quality Working Line German Shepherd Dogs. They are very popular when it comes to show lines GSD breed . At Old West Shepherds we work hard at socializing the pups in their first weeks and we also do puppy testing to help match up the pups with the needs and preferences of the customer. We are a small kennel out of Northern California that produces working line German Shepherds primarily utilizing West German and Czech lines. Our dogs are black and red. work line protection or working dogs My girls . We strive to breed healthy dogs to the German Breed Standard. Jul 21 2015 SHOTLIST Berlin 1 October 2007 1. Planned breeding with Dabina Owned and operated since its inception by a licensed veterinarian Natalya Babenko Vom Ragnar German Shepherds is one of the fastest growing breeders and trainers of West German Showline German Shepherds in the world. We breed only 1 2 litters per year with a focus on improving the overall quality of the breed in conformation and work. A healthy temperament for nbsp Located in Northern California we focus on breeding all around dogs. We are able to offer the highest quality puppies or trained adult dogs to our customers. The German shepherd was originally bred to be a working dog with handsome features. Located in Inland Empire Riverside County Southern California von barrenberg german shepherds ddr east german shepherd blood crossed with small amount of old czech and slovac german shepherd puppies available black and tan sables occasionally solid black german shepherd puppies . Sparer German Shepherd Breeders Texas. Our dogs are well socialized with Bits amp Bytes GSD Pedigree Research does research on the German Shepherd Dog. The hips have to be certified with either an a stamp or OFA excellent conformation obedience title BH pass an endurance test AD a courage test bite work and tracking how to choose a Breeder You will notice in on line advertisements that seemingly similar German Shepherd dogs have price variations of anywhere from 50 to 1000 to acquire a puppy depending on the breeder and the bloodline offered. We have the right German Shepherd for you. The West German Working line GSD s are the closest representation of the German Shepherd dogs developed by Max von Stephanitz. Our dogs are part of our family share our home and travel with us. Welcome to Triad K9 Triad K9 is a German Shepherd breeder and a Shutzhund trainer located in Winston Salem North Carolina. They majorly utilize Czech and West German lines. They were I believe in this breed of German Shepherd Dog with all of my heart. A. Because we strictly favor temperament rather than appearance the Hayes Haus breeding standard guarantees consistently excellent German Shepherd family dogs for Massachusetts Connecticut New Hampshire and beyond We specialize in Czech Slovak and West German working bloodlines with our first litter being born in 2010. Our kennel offers very high quality German Shepherd puppies. W ith the goal of breeding Quality German Shepherds. Experienced Breeders We are second generation breeders specializing in the West German working show line German Shepherd dogs. This German Shepherd type is the closest representation of the dogs produced by Max von Stephanitz. Temperament health and working ability and versatility are very important aspects of our nbsp Original German Breed Report Very large and substantial male with outstanding temperament and performance qualities of the West German working lines. Oct 23 2018 GERMAN SHEPHERD WORK LINES. She is an Import from the Czech Republic Bi Color Female Czech Working Line German Shepherd. Focusing on super character rich black and red German Shepherd puppies for sale. Our dogs are selected from imported stock of West German Czech Republic DDR and Dutch working lines of German Shepherd Dogs. During World War II the breed really became divided into two separate categories. recognized as the top German shepherd trainers and breeders in the world. Since 2000 King Kennels has been breeding working German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois from top European bloodlines. Black and Red West German Show Line Shepherd Vom Hundhaus. Breeding purebred West German Show Line German Shepherds is our passion. Health temperament and work ability is top priority. Reinhund German Shepherds are a kennel based in Hinckley. Bloodlines from notable kennels Eichenluft kennels breeders of quality German Shepherds. They know the difference between friend and foe without being told. It is believed to be the line that is closest to the original breed created by Max von Stephanitz this line is bred not just for color and body shape but for working drive. We are a small hobby breeder located in Baton Rouge Louisiana USA. Vom Grenzpolizei K9 is a German Shepherd Breeder of East DDR German Shepherds West German Shepherds and Czech German Shepherds with exceptional pedigrees and working bloodlines for sale in Palm Beach Fort Lauderdale Miami Florida. We are a small non commercial breeder Kennel Club registered aiming to breed from top working German Shepherd bloodlines by both proven and upcoming parents. See more ideas about German German shepherd German shepherd dogs. The West German Show Lines tend to be more anglulated and do not seem to have as much working or prey drive as the working line gsd. Breeder of Working Line German Shepherds for Search and Rescue Dog Sports and Families. He has the legendary intelligent facial expression of the German bloodlines along with the calm unwavering temperament and performance qualities of those European working lines. All our dogs are health tested and all puppies are bred and reared in the . East German DDR vs. You will not be disappointed with the West German line dog Contact us to be a part of Valiant Shepherds Old West Shepherds Quality Working German Shepherd Dogs. amp AKC German Shepherds Import Am. DDR vs. About Our Kennel. Our dogs are from World champion bloodlines. The joy of owning a working line bred German Shepherd is immeasurable but a companion and workmate that gives itself over to you so completely requires a significant reciprocal commitment. It is believed to be the line that is closest to the original nbsp The two general types of GSD are the Working lines and the Show lines. We are breeding some of the finest DDR East Czech and West working lines with an emphasis on health temperament and work ability. our mission we only breed only from the top Czech and West German lines with the best We strive for the true working line characteristics of a German Shepherd Dog nbsp WELCOME TO HEMLOCK SHEPHERDS EXPLORE THE BREED is between a Working Line vs West German Showline vs American Showline GSD. We are a small Kennel of East German DDR and West Working German Shepherd Dogs located in Michigan on 5 acres. American show lines Canadian show lines West German show lines West German working nbsp MAX VON STEPHANITZ Father of the German Shepherd Breed Although their drive to work is not as high as the Working Lines they do still possess the urge nbsp VON TORE K9. Mr. WEST GERMAN SHOW LINES were developed by breeders who are very focused on the nbsp We are working line professional German Shepherd breeder offering german shepherd working puppies for sale world class world champion imported from nbsp Our beginnings in the working line of German Shepherds transformed from the need for safety Working German Shepherd dogs from East and West Germany. We have puppies from top working lines with nice pigment strong heads and bones for Schutzhund PSA Police amp as family Our dogs are clear in the mind and have balanced working drives with sound nerves. We also ship anywhere in the United States. Vintar German Shepherds are from the German . We treat our dogs with the respect they deserve and consider them part of our family. We are located in the Netherlands and have been breeding German Shepherd dogs since 1983. While many of our puppies are placed in working homes that is not to say we do not sell to pet homes. If you are looking for an AKC German shepherd breeder with healthy quality dogs look no further. We breed purebred CKC registered German Shepherd puppies from West German Working Lines. We are a small private breeder of West German Show line German Shepherds located in Haymarket Virginia. We train our breeding dogs in the sport of Schutzhund IGP nbsp Welcome to Coldwater German Shepherds of North Carolina home of Quality stock of West German Czech Republic DDR and Dutch working lines of German Puppies will all have plenty of drive for training and working but not over the nbsp Maxhaus German Shepherds 2017. Ducati is starting to show potential for IPO training with his strong toy drive focus and willing to ple ase. These qualities which have long been part of the breed standard as requirements for the German Shepherd Dog are what we look for in our breeding dogs. com will Many Czech Shepherd breeders have observed the on line advertisements then nbsp So what gene pools are available in this breed So the West German Shepherd working line as opposed to showline is what is we strive for although nbsp 19 Jun 2017 The West German Working Line German Shepherd is one of the 5 types of German Shepherd lines in the GSD German Shepherd Dog breed. Their main focus is on strong working drives stable temperament and excellent working ability. We are breeder of Working Line dogs that come from IPO amp Schutzhund titled pedigree. Apr 01 2017 Breeding quality workingline German Shepherd Dogs since 1996. No other German Shepherd Breeder Importer or Trainer in America is as experienced and successful with Sieger Line and Working Line German Shepherds. World Champion West German and Czech Working Lines German Shepherds. Jun 19 2017 West German Working Line German Shepherd Bloodlines. Jul 27 2020 Located in Anderson California Dakonic German Shepherds strives to produce working line dogs that can compete in a wide range of sports and still be friends and family members. Wide shot Gerlinde Schulze East German Shepherd breeder with her friend and East German Sheppard puppy 2. They will excel at a variety of different sports and also real working jobs like search and rescue guarding or protecting. Our dogs are the very essence of that statement. If you see a dog posted for sale on our site which meets your requirements we recommend you make your decision to purchase in a timely manner. Puppies and trained dogs are available. We are a family owned kennel and have specialized in breeding superior quality AKC German Shepherds for three generations. being trained for service. 15 Nov 2019 West German Working Line DDR East German Working Line Czech The development of the German Shepherd Dog breed is credited to nbsp These dogs have a strong temperament great working capacity and are well suited Most importantly DDR German Shepherds have a very low rate and severity of hip dysplasia. at alsace royale german shepherds we are very fortunate to be able to avail of the services of an approved professional canine courier for our german shepherd puppies we have negotiated an extremely reasonable rate for all our german shepherd puppies new masters to anywhere in the uk i can confirm german shepherd puppies leaving from northern ireland to the uk mainland do not require a 39 Remembering Our Past Living in the Present and Looking to the FutureAlways with Our German Shepherd Dogs. I only have dogs with excellent temperaments good minds strong character and nerves nice structure and willing to please attitudes. We health test hips elbows and spines on every breeder German Shepherd dog at this facility. West German working line German Shepherds excel in many different sports real working jobs and positions of service. Each type is valued and respected for what it brings to the breed. Our kennel is located in South Carolina state in the town of Chesnee. Meet Bruiser our IPO training dog and sire of our December puppies. OUR DOGS ROAM FREELY ON 60 ACRES WITH A RIVER RUNNING THROUGH FOR DAILY SWIMS IN THE SUMMER. Von Picone Kennels is a West German Show Line German shepherd breeder Welcome to Kappel German Shepherd Dogs Kennel We are located in Texas North America and Europe. Welcome to Grothaus breeders of exceptional working German Shepherds for active companionship sport amp protection. Our breeding program is dedicated nbsp German working and show lines tend to have a stockier more muscular and Past Born and raised in Germany I fell in love with the German Shepherd breed. Our dogs live in the family home with us. We strive to produce an all around dog who can successfully compete in a variety of sports serve as a working dog and still be a member of the family . To receive a top show rating of either a V or VA the German Shepherd is required to be excellent in all fields. Puppies We offer 100 German import puppies and young adults bred to exacting German standards. Our German Shepherd puppies are the top of the line litterally the best money can buy. April 1 2017 Mar 05 2020 Welcome to Johnson Haus German Shepherds my name is Dennis. The breeder does not employ puppy nbsp Show lines versus working lines breeding healthy german shepherds. He has a large and solid build for a puppy. We offer working line German Shepherd puppies imported from East Germany previous DDR and Czech Republic. Alabama Canine Elite Working Line German Shepherds. CHAMPION von NEO KARTHAGO. Vom Ragnar adheres to all of the established SV standards and every pup in the kennel is a registered member of AKC IPO and Schutzhund. . While Western German Show Line breeders have historically bred their dogs to win in nbsp The German Shepherd Dog was created by Captain Max von Stephanitz in Many articles have been written about the history of the breed and these The 5th type of German Shepherd Dog is known as the West German Working Line dog. Our combination of famous East German DDR working lines is known to produce correct and substantial constitution great pigmentation heavy bones and strong head type. Not only in Germany but also across the globe the West German Show Line GSDs are in high demand. working show lines German working and German working show lines since 1976 also documented by photos and AKC registration certificates . for shows in Germany. As I see it the numerous analyses as well as projections becoming the months pass are only starting to obtain closer to pipes the depths of the opening into which the policies and also non policies of succeeding governments have tipped the economy and are Dec 18 2015 Explore Paz Hernandez 39 s board quot West German working line quot followed by 297 people on Pinterest. Jul 24 2020 Reputable German Shepherd Breeders Working Line West German Showline and American Showline that I would be interested in looking into. Vom Ragnar 39 s breeding success can be seen in the health and nbsp German Shepherd Breeder Donegal Ireland. Our dogs are bred for good temperament and character. There is also a sable working line German Shepherds are preferred in military and police works. 00 2500. We offer purebred German Shepherd puppies for sale from some of the best imported lines from Germany. My love for the breed began during my service in the US Army Military Police Corps while working alongside German Shepherd bomb dogs in Iraq. Show line dogs are bred to be physically attractive but lack the courage and strong nerves of a true protection dog. com Sep 30 2015 The most accurate displays of working lines German Shepherd Dogs are akin to Rin Tin Tin and can also be seen in the profiles from Northwest K9s. August 20. It takes much more then that to get a German shepherd papered in Germany. S. S o that the German Shepherd Dog Lover may have some of the best that the breed has to offer. 2010 Czech Kennel Club CKNO organized Czech national Sieger Show in Policka CZ. Show Line German Shepherds Reign in the Ring The average GSD fan wants the look of the popular breed yet few pet owners have the time patience or knowledge to raise a true authentic working line GSD. Von Daily German Shepherds breed exceptional west german show lines with families nbsp We breed purebred CKC registered German Shepherd puppies from West German Working Lines. We train our breeding dogs in the sport of Schutzhund IGP and health test all our breeding stock. We specialize in European working line German Shepherds Belgian Malinois amp Dutch Shepherds. be service dogs some have training in search and Jun 06 2013 This should really be an article of it s own but German Shepherd pricing varies. Eccentric Hobby Breeders When we are not at work our passion is our loving companions. Share the joy of life with an extraordinary smart healthy well bred West German Appleridge German Shepherd. Jan 24 2019 The operation is owned by licensed veterinarian Natalya Babenko and is one of the fastest growing breeders and trainers of West German show line German Shepherds in the world. German Shepherd Litters and Puppies for sale Eichenluft kennels breeders of quality German Shepherds. All of our German shepherd puppies are socialized daily and are good with small children. Elite German Shepherd Breeder in Western NewYork. German Shepherd . Rigorously selected for health temperament type and nerves we strive to breed and produce true working line German Shepherd puppies with excellent health solid temperament strong nerves and balanced drives Welcome to Vazquezshepherds A small hobby breeder that specializes in quality We selectively BREED and Import THE BEST German shepherd Dogs from first generation progeny directly from Germany s finest SHOW and WORKING Lines We are not a kennel that raises German Shepherds for a living or as a job. Puppies and Dogs For sale in Florida. Our German Shepherds We are located in Salem Illinois about 2 hours east of St. The German Shepherd Dog. As a summary between the years of 1899 and 1901 a man by the name of Max von Stephanitz saw a dog at a dog show that he greatly impressed by. The Haus Amberg Shepherds team has been in the German shepherd community for over 45 years. WE HAVE BEEN SELECTIVELY BREEDING ONLY THE TOP PROVEN BLOODLINES OF WORKING GERMAN SHEPHERDS FOR MANY MANY YEARS. Why you should buy your purebred German Shepherd from us We breed our German Shepherds with the highest ranked most demanded studs in the world. Mid of East German Shepherds Since then they replaced DDR German shepherds in terms of popularity. Close up of puppy 3. I will be breeding Malley when she matures late in 2018 or early 2019 when she comes into heat. Our Beautiful German Shepherd Dogs are truly Amazing. Nash Working German Shepherd Dogs are Accredited Breeders of Imported Czech Slovak East amp West german and DDR working line German shepherd 39 s and we are based in West Midlands. Watchman German shepherd puppy breeder in Eastern Pennsylvania. Producing puppies that are black and red in color with correct structure and superb temperament. You are looking at one of the greatest breeds known to man. We are working to create a breeding program here in the United States equal to the top kennels in Europe. We believe a VonSila German shepherd would be an excellent working line or family companion that strives to be a dependable part of the family but also have the endurance and work ability that makes them suitable for competition homes. They are known for their keen sense of loyalty and devotion to their human counterparts. They need A LOT of exercise mental stimulation and structure. Working line and German show line Working Line and German Show Line Puppies for sale German Shepherd Breeder PA Member of USA SV amp . We are a small quot Mom and Pop quot breeder of top quality working line German Shepherds. Located in Inland Empire Riverside County Southern California Vom Hallynn Haus German Shepherds. Our dogs are from West German show and DDR working lines. Bred to herd livestock the German shepherd had the drive and temperament to perform any task that the owner needed it to perform. Since its founding by visionary leader Wayne Curry Kraftwerk K9 has been America s 1 authority on breeding and importing of working line German Shepherd puppies for sale. Jun 11 2020 Puppies are temperament tested so that we can help you to find the perfect fit for your family and your needs. Our Purebred German Shepherd Puppies for Sale in Michigan are bred using World Class Imported German Shepherds that are out of the West German lines. It is very interesting to find out how much East lines your dog really has. A German Show line pup may run you 2 500 3 000 or more depending on the age and training involved. We have some outstanding Show Line and Working Line Stock available. 00 deposit to make a reservation. It is our promise to preserve the integrity of the German Shepherd Dogs bred within our breeding program and to devote our resources to improving the breed. They are hand raised in a home environment socialized with children and other dogs. All dogs in our breeding program are 100 west German showlines from world class bloodlines. Van de Tempelhoeve is a kennel dedicated to the cause of breeding the ultimate German Shepherd Dog which would be suitable at any deemed purpose in IPO In shows scent detection Inland German Shepherds offers Top quality AKC German Shepherd Puppies for sale with Excellent Temperament and Drive. They have parents with working titles top show ratings breed survey and hips elbows certifications. We are breeding Working and Show West German lines. Breeding since 1974. Solid Working Lines. Private training classes and boarding are available upon request. We work with the East German DDR and West Working German Shepherds. Breeders based the West German working line on Max von Stephanitz 39 s vision of the ideal working dog. While Western German Show Line breeders have historically bred their dogs to win in the show ring the German Shepherd Club of Germany SV nevertheless requires that all German Shepherds meet strict standards for nerve and temperament before being bred and as such even West German show lines have retained a high degree of fidelity to the original breed standard. Despite having the same origins the two breeds aren t the same. My breeding of the German Shepherd started after I graduated from West Virginia Canine College in 1994. 276 German Shepherd dogs participated in this show. WE OFFER LAW ENFORCEMENT MILITARY AND. I have one small bloodline tracing back to Lance FREE american show dogs thru the Trommel lines from the 1970 39 s and 1980 39 s. The dogs were bred East German Shepherds were bred more for their working lines. We provide world class professional German Shepherd breeding and the best imported German shepherd puppies for sale throughout the world. Jun 05 2020 West German Working lines. West German Working Lines. Combine our elite training program and it makes bringing home a German Shepherd Puppy a fun and rewarding experience. Welcome to Steinholtz German Shepherd dogs. 21. Our puppies are bred from Solid Black German Shepherds from old Czech Border Patrol lines and the very best Sch IPO Competition lines. The working German nbsp The American show lines the German show lines and the European working of West German lines in terms of pedigree due to preferences of the breeders in nbsp 30 Jun 2020 German shepherds are the second most popular dog breed in the U. Our world class working dogs come with our expertise superior knowledge top working class puppies clear in the head character stable nerves safe nature dogs With our German Partners in Germany we have over 70 yers of quot Combined Experience quot in Training competing breeding and improving the quot working line dogs puppies in from Germany We are a very busy family of 4 soon to be 5 My wife and I are West German Show Line German Shepherd breeders located on a beautiful acreage in Butterfield MN. 2020 We breed mostly working line German Shepherds consisting of Czech DDR East West German working line. The West bloodline focuses strongly on looks and what should be considered the standard. Our German Shepherds come from the best nbsp The West German Working Line When you think German Shepherd this is the version of the breed that typically comes to mind. Germany will not breed two dogs together just because they are purebred. View our males females as well as litters and German Shepherd puppies available for sale. This line is also strong athletic and has a high work drive. Czech Slovak West nbsp West German Shepherds trained German Shepherds for sale. Breeders. Working lines and show lines. She will produce well balanced working puppies when they mature. Jan 09 2018 Our German Shepherd puppies bloodlines are comprised of an extensive line of champion West German show dogs and some of the very best Therapy and Service Dogs. AKC Registered AKC Reunite Microchip Health Guarantee Titled Working Lines. Established in 2008 we are located in the very center of the state of Colorado in the Rocky mountains. The difference in our superb Black amp Red German Shepherd Puppies and Protection Trained Dogs for Sale is QUALITY Intelligence with Sound Temperament Hips and Elbows are standard for all of our 30 Miles North West of Portland. Many of our dogs end up in sport homes or Law Enforcement but they also make excellent family companions. We selectively breed top German bloodlines to produce German Shepherd dogs that will be superior for Sport Dog AKC Agility Search and Rescue Police International Conformation and or loving family protection and Our Goal. Curry has represented the United States in several international schutzhund protection dog competitions around the world including Czech Republic Slovenia Austria and Italy. Czech German Shepherd The German Shepherd Dog Club of America 39 s first specialty show was at Greenwich Connecticut in 1915. Welcome to Boeselager Kennel. Available Puppies. Bloodlines from West Germany amp Eastern Europe. You must always do your own research. Hayes Haus is a purebred working line German Shepherd Breeder located in West Newbury Massachusetts approximately 45 minutes north of Boston. Oct 21 2013 Breed West German Working Line DOB 09 11 2014 Titles NTD HIC CGN RATI PT. west german working lines The dogs of West German working blood are often said to be the closest of all types to the original dogs produced under Max von Stephanitz. Happy to announce we and the dogs have relocated to beautiful sunny Ocala Florida. Sparer German Shepherds is a premier breeder of German Shepherds from the Top producing West German Sieger Show Line. We are located in the Piedmont Region of North Carolina as our name implies we only breed purebred West German Shepherds. A German working line pup may run you 1000 1500. Our German Shepherds are purebred AKC registered and champion bloodlines OFA Hips and Elbows Certified. Large in size smart healthy in mind and body best dog you 39 ll ever own and Best gsd in TX Working line German shepherd puppies direct from von G uuml nbil Ranch kennel in Germany. German Shepherds are loyal intellegent athletic and naturally protective. Working German shepherd puppies. V. 46 stud dogs participated in working class. We breed within the standard of the breed to carry on the traits of what the german shepherd was originally designed and bred to do. USA and AKC registered puppies for sale. Although I selectively breed regularly y ou will not find 5 10 litters here at one time nor will there always be pups available. Unlimited GSD is a small breeder of German Shepherd Dogs in Ottawa Ontario Canada. We are using the best bloodlines from the past to bring you the future. As a result dog breeders in Europe worked on creating a family friendly and physically appealing version of the breed we now call show line German Shepherds also known as High Lines or Sieger Lines . Vom Hundhaus is the Home of Berger Blanc Suisse White Suisse Shepherd dogs from Imported World Champion Lines. And this bloodline is thought to be the closest to the original breed created by the Germans. Explore 69 listings for Working German shepherd puppies for sale UK at best prices. We offer puppies bred from West German Show lines boasting outstanding temperament courage working ability beauty and rich pigment. Our shepherds make wonderful companions service dogs and working dogs. Welcome to Sch ne Stadt German Shepherds We are a small breeder of working line German Shepherds located in southern Indiana on 8 acres which gives us a perfect place for raising active German Shepherds. In 1917 when America entered World War I all things German became taboo. Cross Keys K9 located between Philadelphia and Atlantic City in beautiful southern New Jersey specializes in breeding premium companion service and protection German Shepherds from the best Home of an intuition Breeder. Aug 16 2019 Wolfgang Haus german Shepherds is a Breeder of old fashioned German Shepherd dogs to bring back the the shepherd the way it used to be. Old West Shepherds is a family effort to share our love of German Shepherds by producing healthy conforming working lines German Shepherd Dogs and training them to make the most of their legendary working abilities. Welcome to vom Gildaf German Shepherds. Solid Black and Sables Breeder of European working bloodline German Shepherds. We breed to the authentic standards established by the German S. Our stud dogs though belonging to the working line dogs placed as follows CHARI z Esagilu V13 URF z Jirkova dvora V18 OX z Jirkova dvora V21 Taylor Made Working Dogs is a family owned and operated working dog kennel dedicated to provide the highest quality training for all breeds. . close to salem beverly peabody all northshore towns South Florida German Shepherds can assure that our German Shepherd puppies are healthy confident self assured with all required puppy vaccinations administered dewormed and microchipped. We specialize in raising World Class Sieger V VA West German bloodlines. Title SG IPO 3 IGP 3 FH 1 KKL. Below I will explain some of the differences between the German Show lines American Show lines and the European Working lines and I will show you a picture of all three. We are a small breeding program for quality working line German Shepherds. They are bred for competition in the show ring but also must have working titles Sch . Our German Shepherd Dogs can be used for search and rescue tracking guarding guide dogs for the blind or physically disabled police work show and of course a family pet. The breeder is active in show and the sport of Schutzhund tracking obedience and protection and holds activ Our Goal. They are bred to be part of the family go everywhere be seen and not heard. Sucherquelle German Shepherds. The puppies will go through special tests at seven weeks to determine placement. We feel the German show line shepherd is the ideal family dog. If you are looking for a perfect dog for Animal Assisted Therapy Service Work Personal Protection Schutzhund Search amp Rescue Agility Herding Obedience Tracking Working Dog Sport Working line German Shepherd puppies ready now Very good quality 8 wk old working line puppies 1 solid black female and 1 bi color fem Indianapolis Indiana German Shepherd ABOUT US WE ARE AN OLDER COUPLE WHO TREAT OUR DOGS AS PART OF THE FAMILY. The other pic is Baxter 39 s German Shepherd Dog Sonorian Barbarina Kennel Sonoarian German nbsp Jul 4 2017 An info guide about the West German Working Line German Shepherd including history bloodlines temperament appearance breeders adoption nbsp As a versatile utility dog the German Shepherd Dog breed has several West German working line German Shepherds excel in many different sports real nbsp If you 39 re considering a Vom Banach K9 a DDR Czech or West German working dog or any other working line breed we ask that you consider these questions nbsp 11 Nov 2019 One of the most revered working lines of the breed is the West German Shepherd dog. Our working line German Shepherd puppies quality speaks for itself. Although there is a clear distinction between those two lines in West German Shepherd for many the title west German Shepherd refers more to German show lines while east German Shepherd refers more to German working lines. We are a small hobby breeder and and our goal is to produce quality not quantity. I think you nbsp imported German shepherds puppies for sale from German and Czech. Nov 15 2018 If you 39 re looking for purebred German Shepherds imported from Germany contact Wustenberger Land K9s Our high end German Shepherd puppies are hand selected in Germany by Michael Kempkes. Photos prices and guarantees available. Nov 29 2014 Tiny Piglet 39 s Whole World Changes When She Meets This Baby Cow The Dodo Comeback Kids Duration 12 04. They will not lay around on the couch all day and be content with 2 walks a day. GSD West Black nbsp West German bloodlines became known for their quot show lines quot . Rommel is likely the most beautiful German Shepherd you have ever seen yet interestingly not bred for beauty. Our goal is to produce dogs with a sound temperament beautiful conformation able to serve and protect stable and good natured but most importantly to be your best loyal friend and Super quality and credentials on our German Shepherd puppies German Shepherd young adults and trained German Shepherds. Vollkommen Shepherds is dedicated to producing beautiful German Shepherd Dogs with sound minds and bodies the qualities that make our breed so famous. If you ve chosen the working German Shepherd as your family protection dog these German Shepherd puppies are an excellent choice. Pure Bred German Shepherds. Sable German Shepherd Dogs are being bred by top working line German Shepherd breeders in the world. Louis on Route 50 and 4 hours south of Chicago on I 57. World Class and Worldwide Haus Amberg Shepherds is a family based kennel that breeds for the love and preservation of the German shepherd dog GSD . The West German Show Line is the breed type most popular in Germany. 8 Mar 2015 So if you 39 re undecided on which line of pups is best for you and your family ask yourself first if you want a working dog family or show dog. AKC. I have appreciation for West German Show Lines East German Working lines nbsp . SDRA Registered. Emphasis on the word quot active quot as these dogs need to be kept busy. Also having and Meanwhile bloodlines in West Germany were split once more between working line dogs and show line dogs. To receive a World Sieger Champion VA V title takes years of continued work to achieve. Vom Banach K9 is a leading breeder of World class AKC Registered Purebred working lines German Shepherd puppies for personal companionship and protection law enforcement tracking detection herding agility obedience IPO Schutzhund and nose work. Yvonne has done research for me and many others putting over 20 300 DDR dogs in to her data base. All puppies that come from my kennel are desensitized nbsp german shepherd dog working german shepherds breeding and importing titled and non titled For more info see our puppy page Puppies for Sale the superior temperament and performance qualities of the West German working lines. Companion friend protection dog activity partner psychiatrist working dog Whatever task you may have a canine from West German Shepherds. The working line of the West German shepherd and the East German nbsp Reginhard German Shepherds is a small family owned kennel that breeds working line German Shepherds. West German Shepherd Bloodlines. H E Pre lims Excellent Normal DM N N Ducati is out of our own breeding program from Zehna and Garak. Our breeding program is dedicated to the preservation of the German Shepherd Czech and DDR working bloodlines. We have been raising German shepherds since 2006. We produce superb World Champion European working line and show line red and black long and short coat puppies and adults with excellent temperaments great drive pronounced retrieval instincts vibrant markings and intelligence that is true to the German Shepherd. 6 Dec 2016 It is also known as a breed that is just as comfortable being a loyal and West German Working Line East German DDR Working Line Czech Working Line West German show line German Shepherds were bred for their nbsp German Shepherd is a modern medium to large size dog breed originated in Germany. 1 hour west of Colorado Springs and about 2 hours SW of Denver. Additionally that year they were bred more as family dogs rather than working dogs. Like every German Shepherd should they also make phenomenal active family pets. We specialise in German Shepherd dogs from top imported working lines. She can tell you the true percentages of DDR lines in your dog. AVAILABLE . We breed West German Show Line German Shepherd Dogs who come from top German bloodlines. A true working dog since 1895. We actively show our dogs on the local national and international level thereby striving to breed dogs of quality bloodlines and structure that adhere to the German SV standard for the German Shepherd dog. German Shepherds are used in many areas such as herding therapy service and police and rescue work. At Shiraz Farm German Shepherds we 39 ll give you the attention and personal service that you will appreciate. Selection and breeding of the finest quality German Shepherds that posses strong nerves hardness courage versatility clear head and environmental soundness to produce a line of German Shepherds specific to Kavallerie Shepherds in which are ready and willing to work for their handler extremely intelligent naturally protective environmentally sound with balanced drives capable Inland German Shepherds offers Top quality AKC German Shepherd Puppies for sale with Excellent Temperament and Drive. We are German Shepherd breeders in Alberta family run located west of Sylvan Lake Alberta. Dogs since 1990. With wonderful Temperament amp Drive. Focus is given to correct working structure solid temperament and especially to correct strong working drives and ability. They are a revered working line and as with all working lines the emphasis is placed on their personality and behavior rather than cosmetic traits. Browse the widest most trusted source of German Shepherd Dog puppies for sale. 27 Jun 2018 World Class Trained German Shepherds For Sale Breeder Imports puppies West German Sieger Show amp German BSP Working Lines nbsp The German Shepherd is a breed full of ongoing debates full of opinions in We mainly focus on West German working lines as well as some Czech lines nbsp ALL German Shepherds in Germany must get Schutzhund titles before they are Working lines are usually bred to have a very high pain tolerance. Made with Xara. All of our dogs are clear for hips elbows and health evaluations. Our breeding dogs are all selected from the best West German Show Lines from World Seiger Show VA lines. We offer German Shepherd Puppies started young adults fully trained titled adult German Shepherds for sale and Schutzhund titled German Shepherds stud to approved females. top rated German IPO working lines proven at high German competitions in all levels of work and show. Learn About Working Dogs. I purchased Malley to add to my superior working lines breeding program. The German Shepherd Club of German SV has long been the standard bearer of both working line and show line GSDs. Baxter z Dragon is his father my breeder 39 s dog. It is our privilege to Breed import and sale this nbsp For trained German shepherds contact W stenbergerland German Shepherds today. The West German working line is capable of settling down when needed to relax with the family. Due to an increasing demand for puppies and adult dogs of TRUE WORKING LINE Czech DDR and Slovak German Shepherd Bloodlines these dogs are becoming more and more difficult to get. west german working line german shepherd breeders